The Expenses Associated with Rescue

Below we go over the common expenses we face as a rescue when it comes to saving animals, both long and short term. We want to highlight how your donations are used and how many animals they can affect.


Upon taking in a new animal into rescue, it is essential that we ensure the dog or cat is up to date on vaccines, is spayed or neutered, groomed if needed, microchipped for safety and any additional vetting that may be necessary. 

Vet Intake Exam: $50

Routine Vaccine Update: $65

Spay/Neuter: $85

Heartworm Test: $25

Microchip: $25

Heartworm, Flea & Tick Preventative: $25/month*

Food: $50/month*

Bare minimum costs to take a new animal into rescue: $325

Alternative Vet Needs

What happens if the animal needs additional care or training prior to being adopted? The rescue invests in additional costs to ensure the animal is healthy prior to adoption:

  1. Dental Care - sometimes it is necessary for an animal to receive dental care prior to adoption. Costs range from $100-$500
  2. Heartworm Treatment - unfortunately some dogs come into rescue and are heartworm positive and need treatment. Depending on the severity of the heartworms, this can range from $300-$800
  3. Parvo Treatment - treating parvo can drain a rescues finances in days and is never guaranteed. Costs range from $500-$2000
  4. Roundworms, Tapeworms, Hookworms, Whipworms - treating the animal for parasites can alleviate a number of common issues. Costs to treat range from $50-$200
  5. X-Rays, Bloodwork etc. - additional vet services to ensure an animal's health can include x-rays, bloodwork and more. Costs can range from $150-$500

Rescuing is rewarding but can also be extremely expensive. We are committed to ensuring our animals receive the care they need. Additional costs can range from $1,100 - $4,000!

Monthly Costs

Once the initial intake of the animal and vetting is complete, there are monthly costs associated with each animal in rescue plus there are always "wish list" items that are not necessarily required but enjoyed by the animals.

  1. Food - depending on the size of the dog, approximately $50 per month, per animal
  2. Monthly Preventatives -ensuring the animals are given flea, heartworm and tick preventatives to keep them healthy; costs $25 per month, per animal
  3. Treats & Toys -although not essential, all dogs love treats from time to time and having toys to keep them entertained. Approximately $50 per month
  4. Bedding - who doesn't love a nice warm soft bed to lay on at night? We go through lots of them! They are normally around $25 each

Additional costs: $150 per month -- per animal!

Adoption Fees

Tender Heart Charities, Inc. is a non-profit animal rescue that strives to ensure the safety and health of the animals in our care. Our goal is to rescue and care for the vulnerable homeless animals in our area. Our adoption fees are based off age and other factors - please feel free to ask any questions!


Dogs & Puppies up to 3 years: $350

Dogs 3-7 years: $250

Dogs over 7 years: $150

Specialty Breeds: $450+

Cats & Kittens up to 1 year: $125

Cats over 1 year: $100