February 9, 2024


Key facts

Name Belle
Age/Weight/Sex 6 years/ 50lbs / Female
House/Crate Trained? Yes / Yes
Breed American Staffy Mix
Other Dogs or Cats? No / No
Children? Yes


About the dog

Belle was the victim of unimaginable torture before she was even a year old and we are trying our best to help her forget her past. She is a trusting girl despite being tied to a truck bumper and dragged. It took six surgeries to get her physically recovered. She may experience some arthritis in her golden years due to this abuse. Although Belle can get along with other dogs, she tends to be dominant and does not do well with confrontation. She has a strong personality but is very food driven as well. She would benefit from seeing an obedience trainer that we can recommend, to ensure her golden years are successful. Slow introductions to new submissive dog friends are recommended.

Belle is playful, loves her tug rope and other toys, sun bathing, smart, curious and will have you entertained with her 'pitbull' antics. She is a great dog that just requires the right environment to thrive.

 Adoption Fee: $250

All animals come spayed/neutered, up to date on all vaccines and heartworm meds, microchipped for safety, medical records release and current food.