Nutcracker (Special Needs)

September 11, 2023
May 10, 2017


Key facts

Name Nutcracker
Age/Weight/Sex 8 months / 35lbs / Male
House/Crate Trained? Yes / Yes
Breed Bull Terrier Mix
Other Dogs or Cats? Yes / Yes


*Special Needs


Nutcracker 's hind end and hips did not develop properly (backyard breeding) from malnourishment, we label him special needs as he will likely need added care for his hips as he gets older. 


About the dog

Nutcracker is still just a puppy! He has been in rescue since he was approximately 16 weeks old and was pulled from Hillsborough County with Mouse King, both dogs were confiscated from their previous home from  an animal cruelty case. It was determined that puppies were purposely being bred to be used as bait dogs. Unfortunately with the backyard breeding, Nutcracker got the short end of the stick and his hips and hind legs did not develop properly, which was also due to malnutrition. He has done amazing since being in rescue but his future home will need to be aware of his hip/leg issues as to monitor them as he gets older. It does not affect his ability to properly use the bathroom, he just may have a distinguished trot to him from time to time! Nutcracker is a great little guy and loves to play with his foster siblings, toys and all humans, he has never met a stranger! He is still in his puppy stages so his new family will need to take that into consideration, puppies are work ... but he will repay you in more love and kisses than you can handle!

Adoption Fee: $350

All animals come spayed/neutered, up to date on all vaccines and heartworm meds, microchipped for safety, medical records release and current food.