Let's Get Out & Volunteer!

Looking to give back, start something new, fill open time or teach your children some responsibility? We have a perfect fit for you!

Tender Heart Charities is a small home and foster based rescue with limited resources. YOU can help us increase our awareness and adoptions by volunteering your time to help us! We have monthly adoption events we are ALWAYS looking for help at - the more volunteers, the more events we can commit to! We usually have events on the third Saturday of each month in various surrounding counties but also have annual events we need volunteers for as well!

Not into events? No problem! We would also love to have you volunteer to take a dog on an outing for anywhere from 2-6 hours and explore the town, go for nature walks, visit a pet shop or dog bar and take lots of pictures of the adventures! This exposure not only helps the public see our adoptable dogs but also provides us with feedback on the dog and most importantly the dog gets a break from their day to day routine!

Ready to help out! Fill out our volunteer form below so we know your schedule and which volunteer opportunities will best suit you!

Fosters Save Lives

Did you know that perfectly healthy, loving animals are euthanized for space in shelters every day? A foster home is essential for our rescue to save lives.

Our small rescue strives to save as many lives as possible - but without a large facility we are RELIANT on foster homes to help us. The rescue provides all of the necessities for the animal while in the foster home (food, bed, toys, vet visits etc.) ... you provide the LOVE! While in a foster home, we are able to learn all about the pet so that we can provide potential adopters with pertinent information about the animal and all the pictures of adventures in their foster home! YOU help us save lives by opening your heart and home to fostering. Posting and sharing your fostering experience on your social media channels will help us TREMENDOUSLY spread the word!

We understand that fostering may not be for everyone or is only something that you can temporarily provide. We offer many different options to help grow our foster base:

  • Day Trip Fostering: wear "adopt me" gear with your furry friend and go on a 4-5 hour adventure, take lots of pictures, business cards and an info card on the dog! Adventure ideas: farmers market, flea market, nature walks, dog friendly parks, pet stores, pet friendly beach, boardwalks, car rides or even the volunteers house!
  • Overnight or Weekend Fostering: 24-48 hours of temporary fostering to free up space, give the dog a break, transferring from shelter to rescue etc., sometimes a quick overnight or weekend foster is a huge help to us and the dogs!
  • Short Term Fostering: a 4-6 week commitment to fostering the dog in your home, with all resources from the rescue provided. An exact date would be provided for the fostering period to end.
  • Long Term Fostering: no time frame is committed to with long term fostering, it would be until the pet is adopted. 

In all of our fostering scenarios we would expect the foster to help network the animal by taking photos, providing feedback on the animal and their demeanor, wants and needs and to also SHARE SHARE SHARE to social media for us! All resources for the pet are provided, including volunteer gear for you!